Shommaki Holding Group S.A.L

We work at an accelerated pace to achieve our objectives and to see our achievements.

It is a Libyan holding company incorporated by virtue of the commercial law and it invests in the different sectors whether at the local, regional and international levels and it contributes briskly in the development and booming of the national economy in addition to augmentation of the national income.

The company has been keen to establish the bases of professionalism by employing a team of highly capable technicians and administrators who are highly qualified, who always take full care of our customers as well as our companies, whereas Shommaki Holding Group provides all support services to the Group’s companies through the Financial Department, Investment Department, Legal Department and Human Resources Department and Corporate Development.


It gives me great pleasure to deliver this speech amidst the successes and achievements witnessed by Shommaki Holding Group to be one of the strongest companies with a high level of potential and experience, thanks to the rational management, organization and attention to detail in managing our company financially and administratively, which made us one of the leading major companies in Libya. We acclaim the efforts of all our employees, including consultants, administrative, financial, supervisors and officials, in achieving this great success, who continue their duties day and night with the aim of achieving the highest levels of excellence. This bespeaks of the effort exerted in the continuous development of the services and capabilities of the company to reach a prosperous and bright future.

Chairman of Board of Directors: Abulkasim Ismael Al Shommaki

Our Mission

We are deservedly proud that all our services are advanced and under the control of a group of highly qualified personnel. Shommaki Holding Group is a Libyan national company that believes in the importance of its role and contribution in building the Libyan economy. Therefore, the parent company and its group of companies, founders and shareholders are committed to their primary role in the economic development of Libya.

Our Vision

The strategic vision of Shommaki Holding Group is based on investing in major projects in many vital and basic economic sectors and on the geographical expansion in various Libyan regions and in order to fulfill its obligations towards the development of the domestic economy

Our Approach and Values

The approach and values of Shommaki Holding Group is founded on four main principles that guide the work in the Group and the employees working therein.


We strive for transforming the creative and inventive thoughts into reality.


We seek to achieve excellence in everything we do impelled by our passion to accomplish exceptional results


We work at an accelerated pace to achieve our goals and see our achievements.


We work hard to achieve our objective through mutual commitment.